Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Wedding Peaks

In a previous post I mentioned that blue was a very popular trend in wedding colors this year and while that is very true (I am currently working on 6 weddings that incorporate blue in one shade or another) the only other color with as much popularity this season is PINK!  

I would love to share with you my first invitation of the 2010 Bridal Season. Normally, I would wait for the big day to pass but this particular wedding is 1) a destination wedding and 2) these invitations were only being distributed to family and friends overseas.. so I thought it would be safe to share it with everyone.

Loralie and Rich's custom pocket invitation combines light pink and fuschia metallic with
chocolate brown. The invitation was closed with a gorgeous belly band cut from Japanese cherry blossom paper.  This invitation is both sweet and elegant and showcases one of my favorite pink combinations: pink and chocolate brown.. classic and chic :) 

Other Favorite Pink combinations:
Raspberry Pink + Orange
Hot Pink + Navy Blue
Coral + Cappuccino
Light Pink + Sand
Hot Pink + Kiwi Green

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